Transformation to electronic structured documentation exchange

The RIOC project will provide reference implementations, tools, and utilities which will enable HIHs to participate in esMD and the various pilots. The purpose of these tools and services is to remove all technical and process oriented hurdles in adopting esMD. This portal will also be used to provide precise and unambiguous information.


Utilize lookup services

Is PA/PCR required?, Find contractor by region, Find Review Reason statements and codes


Knowledge sharing

Best practices, Medicare rules and  policies , Checklists, Clinical Templates and Flows


Identify and prioritize pain-points, brainstorm solutions and gather feedback


Data format translators

JSON to X12, X12 to JSON/XML

Reference Implementations for electronic transfer
                Out of the box implementations and Cloud-based               machine images for Connect and Direct 

Utilities to exchange structured documentation

 C-CDA, CDP, and HL7 rules